Inkvent Calendar

Tbis year I decided that, since I have so many ink samples, a good way to utilise them might be the have a “sample-a-day” Advent Calendar and use that ink for the whole day. Obviously, it would make a certain amount of sense to review the inks whilst I was at it.  

Thus, having planned this a couple of months ago and even bought some nice wooden drawers, with typical procrastination I left everything until last night and found myself still in full Blue Peter mode at 10pm. Finally, the drawers were labelled, the samples marshalled and chocolates prepared (you have to have choccies in an Advent Calendar!). In the interests of there being some element of surprise, I asked DH to install the samples randomly, so I won’t know what I am getting until I open the drawer.

There is a mixture of plain, sheen and shimmer inks, some I have bought, some for swapsies and some reviews samples. I will definitely be writing with each of the inks and I may do the odd drawing or pen review at the same time. At this point, it’s a bit of a blank canvas as to what the result and output from this will be.  I’m not sure I will manage a daily post, so you may get several samples reviewed in one post, or I may go to town on one sample. I enjoy a bit of uncertainty – life is very dull if there are no surprises.

Watch this space! 😀


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