A Fox in the Hand


Shibui North Kitsune Review

The Shibui North Kitsune pen is a new model from Ruth Bolton. This cylindrical aluminium rod featuring a geometric pattern pays homage to Japanese design. The Kitsune is named after the mythical Japanese nine-tailed fox, for reasons that are not immediately clear. There does not appear to be anything vulpine, mythical or nine-tailed about the pen itself. However, the Shibui North logo does feature a fox, so the name is not totally off the wall.  Continue reading “A Fox in the Hand”

Watery (t)Art

Cult Pens Coronation Ink Review

Cult Pens Coronation ink is a surprising choice of colour. You will be familiar with Royal Blue and Imperial Purple, but Coronation Red? That’s a new one, especially with a blue shimmer. What is one to make of that?

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Pocket Pursuits

Kaweco Sport Review

Kaweco Sport pens come in a wide range of colours, with special editions released regularly. These two recent offerings are from the limited edition Kaweco Collection 2022, both in blue. The first is a turquoise, aluminium AL Sport model in “Iguana Blue”. The other is the pastel, plastic Classic Sport in “Mellow Blue”.

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Dark Entries

Lamy 2000

Lamy 2000 Review

The Lamy 2000, or Lamy 2k as it is frequently known, is highly regarded amongst pen connoisseurs and widely considered to be an essential part of any respectable pen collection.  To be fair, this model would not still be available on the retail market after over 55 years if wasn’t a good pen.

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Sporty Pursuits

Kaweco Original 060 & 250 Review

The Kaweco Original is the subject of today’s review, well, two of them, in fact. The 060 and the 250, which whilst they look almost identical, they are subtly different. The Kaweco Original 060 has a dainty Bock #5 EF nib and the 250 came with a heftier Bock #6 B. Finished in a stealthy matte black and supplied in a black and grey tin box, these do look like a class act.

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Red Onions

Scribo Tropea Review

The Scribo Tropea is a gorgeous object to behold and an exclusive edition made for Write Here of Shrewsbury. Named after the Tropea region of Calabria, home of the best red onions in Italy, the name is a fitting description of colour. The pearlescent material positively glows with shades of deep red. One could be forgiven for just gazing at this pen and completely forgetting to write anything with it.

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Scribo-ling in Colour

Scribo Ink Review

I was delighted to receive a set of Scribo ink review samples via United Inkdom, and even more delighted when I’d swatched them.

The colours are vibrant, saturated and really beg for a much broader nib than I normally use. Nonetheless, they perform beautifully, exhibiting some. Nice shading, even with a fine nib. In the image below, I swatched them with water to see the potential range of tones. I was quite impressed. Continue reading “Scribo-ling in Colour”

Sparkly Unicorns

Narwhal Key West Review

Narwhal Key West is the latest pretty pen offering from the California-based pen company. Made from sparkly, semi-transparent resin and a traditional cigar shape, the Narwhal Key West series are priced mid way between the Narwhal Original and the Schuylkill*. At £40-£45, this makes them budget priced, by pen enthusiast standards.

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