Under a Fiver

Cheap Pen Review

Browsing a well-known, Chinese, online emporium recently, I stumbled on several very cheap, but rather interesting looking fountain pens. It seemed rude not to give them a try, given the prices, and I thought they might make a change from high end, branded pens. Variety is always welcome, right? So I came away with a ballpoint-style retractable fountain pen, one with a supposedly 360 degree nib and one where I just liked its style. Three pens and change from £15, but would they be any good? Time for a cheap pen review. Continue reading “Under a Fiver”

Cheap As Chips

What makes a good pen? Well, it isn’t necessarily the price tag. Some of my favourite pens cost me less than £5. My Yongsheng 016, for example, is a lovely little pen. Slim, pretty, metal-bodied, with a surprisingly good fine hooded nib, it is a very good writer for the £2 and some pence that it cost. Of course, at that price, I have no qualms at all about filling it with shimmer or sheen inks. Though just because it was cheap, does not make me value it less or treat it carelessly. Continue reading “Cheap As Chips”


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