Inkvent Calendar Day 1

I have to admit that I cheated! Today’s ink should have been the Diamine Shimmer Mystique, but since I only just reviewed that and FB seems to have chosen that particular image for the blog post link, I decided that would be a bit dull and blind swapped it with another day. Thus, today’s ink was actually Pelikan Edelstein Ruby, along with a Rose Cream chocolate.

Since I recently acquired several Lamy and Lamy-style (Wing Sung 6359) pens in a variety of colours to make it easier to identify ink colours when drawing, I pressed the red one into service and drew this.

The black pen is a Lamy, the other two are Wing Sungs. The Edelstein Ruby ink has quite a range of tones from a quite light red-pink when applied finely, to a brownish-gold sheen in thicker areas, such as at the bottom of the lower lip in the picture above.

I also did an ink blob and smeared it around a bit to enhance the effect and you can see the range of tones more clearly here.

The gold-brown is much more pronounced in this picture. It’s only really apparent when you lay the ink on quite liberally, so I doubt you’d even notice it in ordinary writing, which will simply be a pinky-red.

I rather like it. It is broadly similar in colour to Herbin’s 1670 Rouge Hematite, except the sheen is subtler and there are no gold particles involved, always a bonus if you aren’t using a cheap pen.


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