Watery (t)Art

Cult Pens Coronation Ink Review

Cult Pens Coronation ink is a surprising choice of colour. You will be familiar with Royal Blue and Imperial Purple, but Coronation Red? That’s a new one, especially with a blue shimmer. What is one to make of that?

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Scribo-ling in Colour

Scribo Ink Review

I was delighted to receive a set of Scribo ink review samples via United Inkdom, and even more delighted when I’d swatched them.

The colours are vibrant, saturated and really beg for a much broader nib than I normally use. Nonetheless, they perform beautifully, exhibiting some. Nice shading, even with a fine nib. In the image below, I swatched them with water to see the potential range of tones. I was quite impressed. Continue reading “Scribo-ling in Colour”


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