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Gravitas Skulls Pen Review

Following on from my recent review of the Gravitas Skittles, a delightful rainbow of a pen, here is my Gravitas Skulls pen review. I really couldn’t resist adding this pen to my collection, having been something of a Goth back in the day.

First impressions

Well, I already knew I was going to love this pen. It has the same styling as the Skittles, but in laser etched black with silver skulls. What’s not to love for a graduate of the school of Goth?

The Gravitas Skulls is also aluminium, thus lighter than the steel Skittles, weighing in at a mere 39g capped (28g uncapped), compared to the Skittles at 74g(49g). It is beautifully made, as you would expect, and a joy to hold and behold, though you may find yourself with an overwhelming urge to play The Sisters of Mercy.

The screw cap should come off in one turn, though I found that one and a little bit was more comfortable. The screw threads are triple start so you can spend an awfully long time trying to work out how to align the Skulls properly if you have OCD tendencies about such things. I do, but I also enjoy looking at the pen design, so don’t mind in the least if it takes a few goes. Besides, once you’ve worked out the alignment of the start point, this issue rather goes away.

Look away now if you have OCD! 😀

If you start with the bottom line of skulls just to the right of the top row, it will all line up correctly, otherwise this!

Writing Experience

I went for the EF nib this time – the Skittles is an F – as the Jowo nib units are interchangeable. The nib is lovely and smooth and I have penned a number of letters with it without any issues at all.

As with the Skittles, due regard has been paid to the balance of the pen and the Gravitas Skulls feels very comfortable in the hand. For me, the long section is a godsend, as there are no pesky screw threads to get under my grip. Regular readers will know that this is a constant bugbear of mine when it comes to screw-capped pens.

There is not much to say about the nib itself – it’s a standard Jowo #6 steel nib and plenty has been written about these. The EF has a little bounce to it and I find it quite enjoyable to use. Needless to say, it is probably best to avoid shimmer inks with a nib this fine as it doesn’t really do them justice and is liable to clog the feed. I constantly live in hope that my fine nibs will cope with sparkly inks, but am usually disappointed with the results. Some day I will learn!

In Summary

I really love this Gravitas Skulls pen. It is superbly well made, comfortable in the hand and just delightfully Goth.

Ben Walsh, the owner of Gravitas, was extremely accommodating, since the EF was showing as “out of stock”. The Jowo nib units are interchangeable, so if you don’t see the nib size you want, do contact Ben and ask. He also very kindly etched my initials subtly onto one of the skulls, making it a very personal pen indeed.

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Lightweight for a metal pen
  • Excellent service from Gravitas
  • A truly beautiful pen to look at

Absolutely none as far as I can see, in terms of the pen. Although, there is the need to work out how to close the pen to align the skulls correctly.

Who is it for
  • Goths
  • Lovers of metal pens
  • Sisters of Mercy fans, i.e., Goths
  • Hamlet
  • Those who appreciate design and craftsmanship
  • Did I mention Goths?
The lowdown

At the time of writing, you can only buy direct from Ben Walsh via the online shop at Gravitas Pens in Dublin. This particular Skulls pen is EU95 (about £80), plus shipping. You may want to check whether your purchase(s) will subject to any additional taxes and/or duties.  These may be liable to change, depending on when you are reading this review.  (I made this purchase prior to the changes to VAT collection, and the ensuing chaos.)

Get it here!

For less nihilistic Goths, there are also other colours available in the Skulls design, including Bronze, Rose Gold and even… Rainbow. (You may well clutch your black pearls in horror*!)

And, if you aren’t a fan of Skulls at all, it also comes etched with Celtic Knotwork or a Paisley design. This model is also available in plain, un-etched anodised aluminium in a range of colours for EU75.

Genuinely, I think that this Gravitas pen model is a great addition to any collection, whether the steel Skittles or one of the aluminium ranges. I have yet to encounter anyone who does not love theirs.

This pen at full price for my own use. I have no affiliation  with Gravitas Pens, nor do I benefit from writing this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.



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